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Rotterdam Zoo is committed to the concept of coordinated captive breeding programmes. We believe that this is the only way for zoos to maintain viable, self-sustaining populations of endangered species in the long term. We participate in many EEPs (European Endangered Species breeding Programme) and other breeding programmes. In addition members of the zoo personnel coordinate two EEPs and one GSMP (Global Species Management Plan) as well as chairing two of the European TAGs (Taxon Advisory Groups). In this part of the Rotterdam Zoo website we make a number of the documents arising out of these activities, available to our colleagues in other zoos.

Red panda studbooks

The global Red Panda Studbook, current to 1 January 2016, is available as pdfs for download here. The following lists are available:

EEP Asian Elephant

The latest Asian Elephant EEP Studbook, current as of 1 January 2015, is available for download together with husbandry and veterinary guidelines.