Main entrance

Blijdorplaan 8
3041 JG Rotterdam
Today open until 18:00

Practical information

Opening hours

Vandaag geopend van: 09:00 - 18:00 uur

Main entrance

Blijdorplaan 8
3041 JG Rotterdam

City-side entrance

Van Aerssenlaan 49
3039 KE Rotterdam


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Admission rates At the entrance Online
Adults 12 years and older € 27,00 € 25,00
Children 3 to 12 years € 20,00 € 20,00
Children under the age of 3 Free


Buy membership
Subscriptions  Rates
Adult’s pass (age 13 or over) € 90
Adult with children pass
Valid for one adult and max. five fixed children age 3-17* (not necessarily living at home)
€ 174
Two adults with children pass
Valid for two adults (not necessarily parents/guardians) and max. five fixed children age 3-17* (not necessarily living at home)
€ 240
Extra adult pass
(from the 3rd adult, could also be grown-up children)
€ 66
Extra child pass
Valid for 1 child age 3-12
€ 54


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opening hours

Open every day. During winter time from 9 am to 5 pm. During summer time, our zoo is open from 9 am to 6 pm. On the weekends when the clock is adjusted, we are open until 6 pm.


By car

By car:

A parking ticket for a day costs € 9.50, subscribers receive € 3.50 discount. Diergaarde Blijdorp has its own parking lot (P1) in front of the main entrance (Blijdorplaan 8). Take exit 13 ‘Blijdorp’ on the ring Rotterdam (north) and follow the signs Diergaarde Blijdorp for the parking lot P1. There are also charging points here for 100% electric cars (no hybrid cars). Parking tickets are available at the ticket machines of Diergaarde Blijdorp (pin only). The cash registers are currently closed.

For a detailed routedescription, click here >>

Public transport

Public transport:

We request you to follow the guidelines of RIVM. Move as much as possible on foot, bicycle or car. Only use public transport if it is really necessary and you do not have other transport at your disposal. Travel outside rush hour as much as possible. As of 1 June, wearing a non-medical mask in public transport is mandatory for travelers aged 13 and older.

Please note: currently only the main entrance at Blijdorplaan 8 is open to everyone. The entrance on the Rivierahallside is only be accessible to subscribers with a valid subscription and a time slot reservation. Keep this in mind when planning your visit.

Click here to plan your journey by public transport > (choose as destination ‘attraction’ and fill in Diergaarde Blijdorp).

Or a 12 minutes’ walk from Rotterdam Central Train Station.


By bicycle:

Are you coming by bike? On the Oceanium side you can place the bicycle in the parking lot in the bicycle racks in the central aisle. At the entrance on the city side (Van Aerssenlaan), there is an area to park your bike abt. 15 metres left of the entrance.

Pin only

Pin only

Please note that you can only pay with pin in the entire zoo.



  • There are 2 adapted ticket machines at the main entrance on the Blijdorplaan, which can be operated from a wheelchair.
  • Scattered around the zoo are 6 disabled toilets. There is also a changing room at the main entrance: the key to this changing room can be collected at the card check.
  • You can charge the scooter at the outside wall / entrance of restaurant De Lepelaar.
  • The disabled parking spaces can be found in the large parking lot on the Blijdorplaan closest to the main entrance. Disabled parking rate: € 6 upon presentation of a disabled person’s card.
  • A limited number of wheelchairs are available. You can reserve a wheelchair prior to your visit via +31 10 443 14 95 (option 5). A cash deposit of €50,- is required. Of course we disinfect everything before and after use. Due to limited availability, we can only accept 1 reservation per group. Institutions and care homes are expected to provide wheelchairs for their residents themselves. At both entrances, a limited number of HandyCare wheelchairs can also be borrowed at a deposit of 1 euro (shopping cart system). These cannot be reserved.

Accompaniments of a disabled person

Accompaniments of a disabled person

There are special entrance tickets for escorts (from 13 years) of persons (from 3 years) who cannot visit the zoo independently. These are only for sale at the cash register at € 14.50.
In addition, there is also a cheap companion subscription. A separate regulation applies to professional supervisors via an institution. Ask at Visitor Service. Disabled persons from the age of 3 are allowed to bring an accompanying person on the accompanying daily rate.

Visually impaired

Visually impaired

Blijdorp has a special tour for the visually impaired. Both individually and in small groups, animal life is made as ‘visible’ as possible by using the sense of touch.

Assistance dog

Assistance dog

Pets are not allowed to protect the animals in the zoo. The reasons for this are, among other things, that our animals may exhibit startle reactions when observing (domestic) animals and we want to prevent possible spread of diseases to which our animals are not resistant.

Visitors who wish to take an assistance dog into the garden must report this by telephone at least one day in advance. Call +31 10 443 14 95. There are a number of conditions for the safety of the assistance dogs and our animals.

There is no kennel present.