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Ring-tailed lemur twins born
Animal news
March 16, 2022

Ring-tailed lemur twins born

The ring-tailed lemurs in the Oceanium have a new family. Twins have been born! This is not unusual for ring-tailed lemurs, but in this enclosure it is a first! The mother is Kira and the father is Leo. The youngsters are about a week old now and are still mainly hanging around on their mother’s belly.

They drink well and mother is already sitting with them in the sun. After about two weeks they climb on their backs. From then on, the whole group takes care of the young and they are also carried by other females.

In the wild the ring tailed lemur is threatened. That’s why Blijdorp Zoo supports the Madagasikara Voakajy project on Madagascar. This project aims to preserve the unique variety of animals and plants on the island.

Attention: The walk-through enclosure is currently closed due to coronation measures. However, you can catch a glimpse of the lemurs from the main path or in their indoor enclosure.