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newborn gelada holds his mom
Animal news
March 12, 2022

Newborn gelada Sifan

Update 12 March, 2022

The gender of gelada Sifan is known, it is a male. Mother Hermine tries to hold him close to her chest, but Sifan has other plans. More and more often, he wants to explore separately from her. When he leaves his mother’s side too often, he is pulled back by his tail… He also discovers the grass, but does not eat it yet. Zookeeper Dries made this video.

Birth announcement 2 February 2022

This weekend a gelada was born. It is the first birth in this enclosure. Gelada females are rather picky about males. Last year, the male was swapped with one of the males from the bachelor group, named Jabba. Apparently, he was a good choice. The mother’s name is Hermine. The sex is still unknown, but the caretakers have already thought of a name: Sifan. Named after our Olympic hero Sifan Hassan, who has an Ethiopian background. When are you coming for a maternity visit?