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the first meeting of polar bear men Wolodja and Nivi
Animal news
January 8, 2022

First encounter between polar bears Wolodja and Nivi

At the beginning of December 2021, Wolodja met polar bear man Nivi from Dierenrijk. They had already sniffed each other’s scent when Nivi arrived and stayed in the indoor enclosure. The acquaintance went smoothly. Nivi went to investigate in his new enclosure and saw Wolodja in the other part. They looked at each other in passing and made some greeting smack/sighing sounds. They will both stay in their own area for the time being. If all goes well, the polar bear men will live together later on.

After polar bear mates Wolodja and Nivi had been able to see and smell each other from a distance, this week the slider between the two was opened. Nivi was first allowed to explore his neighbour’s enclosure and pool. He also went by Wolodja, who was still in the inside enclosure, to get acquainted. While Nivi took a refreshing dive, Wolodja could go outside.

The meeting exceeded the expectations of the keepers and went very well! Animal stewards Stefan and Victor filmed how Wolodja immediately went to Nivi to play. Nivi had to get used to it… such a big (brown) polar bear does make an impression. Soon they were splashing in the water and frolicking together. Now they stay together day and night. Just like in the wild, polar bear males can live together as long as there are no females around.