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May 25, 2021

Frequently asked questions reopening

Rotterdam Zoo (Blijdorp) can be visited again daily by everyone. To ensure that you can enjoy the animals safely and carefree in a natural environment, we have taken several measures. For example, you will only be admitted upon presentation of a time slot reservation and a valid entrance ticket (subscription or e-ticket). Read below what your visit to our zoo will look like.

Updated: June 26, 2021

Blijdorp Zoo is once again open daily for everyone to visit. The cabinet has announced that zoos may open their gates again under certain conditions.
PLEASE NOTE: visiting the cash desk is only possible at the main entrance at the Blijdorplaan (Oceanium side of our zoo). You need to make an appointment (time slot reservation) for this cash desk.


Note: the webshops for time slots and tickets are currently in Dutch

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Rotterdam Zoo is open for visits on a daily basis. To ensure that you can enjoy the animals in a safe and relaxed environment, we have taken several measures. Read below how your visit to our zoo will look like.

Time slots for reservations and tickets

You can only visit our zoo by showing a time slot reservation (entry/arrival time) and a valid admission ticket or season ticket card. You need to reserve a date and time. This is only possible via the website, not by phone or email.

Opening hours

We are open every day throughout the year, including public holidays. You may stay in the zoo from the reserved entry time until closing time. Open hours during daylight saving time from 9 AM to 6 PM. During winter time (from November 1st) we are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Exceptions to opening hours:
December 5th, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve open until 4pm.
On New Year’s Day open from 10 am – 5pm, 24 & 31 December: 9 am-16 pm

Main entrance

In the first period you can only enter through the main entrance on the Oceanium side. For a visit to the cash desk (e.g. to collect season tickets), you must make a cash desk appointment online. !!This is only possible at the main entrance (Blijdorplaan).


Can I bring my guests?

As a season ticket holder you can bring along your guests this first period. Buy an introduction ticket via the website or at the box office. You can bring a maximum of 4 guests a day with a 25% discount on the regular ticket price. Note: To visit the box office you must also make an appointment. A time slot must also be reserved for the guests.

Can I buy a season ticket and then go straight in?

Yes, please reserve a time slot for this at the box office.

My season ticket has expired during the lockdown, what now?

If your season ticket has expired during the lockdown, so on or after December 15, you can still use your season ticket. We will compensate season ticket holders by extending the duration of the season ticket with the period that we were closed during the season ticket period. Of course you can also support us by opting out of this compensation. We will approach season ticket holders about this by email.

Compensation period subscription holders

Until we are fully open including the indoor areas, the compensation period for season ticket holders will continue. You will automatically receive a message from us.

I have a yearly subscription and was unable to visit. What happens to these days?

Due to the lockdowns, there are periods when you could not use your annual subscription. We will compensate subscription holders by extending the duration of the subscription by the period we were closed during the subscription period. Of course you can also support us by opting out of this compensation. We will approach season ticket holders about this by email.

My subscription is about to expire, but I would like to continue supporting Diergaarde Blijdorp right now. What can I do?

This third closure has once again had a huge impact on Rotterdam Zoo. Every form of support is very welcome. Although the ticket office of Blijdorp is temporarily closed, you can always renew your season ticket through My Abo. In this way you support Blijdorp immensely and also benefit from a 5% discount. You can also make a donation.


I had already purchased a day ticket, what now?

There is no need to cancel. All tickets which were valid until December 31st 2020 will be extended by the number of days that Blijdorp was closed. This also applies to action tickets (Samen Sterk/Jumbo Dagje-Uit/Kruidvat) and lotteries.

Discount card (Rotterdampas, Ooievaarspas, Dordtpas) or discount coupon

At the Oceanium side (Blijdorplaan 8) a cash register is open for the following administrative activities:

  • Redeeming a discount coupon.
  • Scanning discount passes (Rotterdampas, Ooievaarspas, Dordtpas).
  • Purchasing, extending or changing a season ticket.
  • Creating a pass.
  • NOTE: this is not possible at the entrance on the Rivièrahal side.

Vrienden van Blijdorp

As a ‘Vriend van Blijdorp’  (friends of Rotterdamn Zoo) it is possible to make use of a free pass. Please note that you also have to make a time slot reservation including a visit to the ticket office.

VIP pass holder

A VIP pass holder can reserve a time slot via MijnAbonnement. Any accompanying free tickets for relations can also be used again. Your relations will also have to reserve a time slot via the website. For questions, please contact the Strategic Partnerships department.

NVD pass or Club van Elf pass

NVD and CVE (study) passes from the Club van Elf theme parks can be used again. As a day visitor, please make a checkout appointment for this.

I have reserved a time slot during the period that Rotterdam Zoo is closed. What happens to it?

The reserved time slot is only valid at the chosen day and time. The reservation expires automatically in the period that Blijdorp is closed. You do not have to do anything. You can now make a new reservation through our website.

Please note: All tickets that were valid until December 31st 2020 will be extended by the number of days that Blijdorp was closed.

I bought a ticket through an online booking site for a visit in the period that Blijdorp is temporarily closed. What do I do now?

For questions regarding rebooking or cancellation of tickets from resellers, please contact the organization where you bought the ticket directly.

I have booked a school trip or class during the closed period. Will it still take place?

We will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule your reservation. Our zoo is open again for lessons and school trips (elementary school) from Saturday, June 5, 2021. This decision is part of the corona measures of the Dutch government


Indoor venues open

The indoor locations (Oceanium, Taman Indah, Amazonica etc.) are open again. The public laboratory and the deep-sea exhibition are still closed.
NOTE: Wearing a mouth mask in indoor areas is no longer mandatory unless the 1.5 metre distance is respected.

Payment: only by debit or credit card

Please note that in the entire garden you can only pay by debit card.

Visiting the newborn elephant

The newborn elephant and its family now stay in the large outdoor habitat daily between 10:00 and 15:00. From 15:00 they stay outside on the ‘night area’, because of this visibility may be a little less.

Restaurants and terraces

Several restaurants (up to 50 people) and outdoor terraces and food trucks (catering outlets) are open for food and drink pickup. Check the app for current opening hours.

Wearing a face mask

Wearing a mouth mask in indoor areas is no longer mandatory unless the 1.5 metre distance is respected. This advice also applies to toilets. Washable face masks are also for sale in the souvenir store ‘Zee van ZOOvenirs’ at the main entrance.


Because all visitors reserve a time slot, we are able to regulate the flow of visitors well. There is enough space in both the zoo and the parking lot to keep your distance. The regular parking rates apply: €9.50 and €6 for season ticket holders. Parking tickets are available in the ticket machines at the cash registers. Note: not at the Sea of ZOOvenirs. More information about accessibility and parking options can be found here >

Map and route

The main route is two-way (marked with white arrows), all sub-routes are one-way (yellow paw prints). Running back is not allowed here. This is indicated by signs, arrows and on the map. The free Blijdorp app has been updated with the most current information, routes and walking directions. You can also pick up the updated map at the entrance. Or download the map here (PDF).

Souvenir shop

The ‘Zee vanZOOvenirs’ and the ‘Vrienden Bazaar’ are open during opening hours. Also take a look at our temporary webshop. Please note that parking tickets are not for sale in the ‘Zee van ZOOvenirs’.

Rental of strollers/ wheelchairs/ lockers

Strollers are available for rent at the entrance for €3.50 per day. Lockers are available with €2 coin on Oceanium side (Rivierahal side with €0.50 coin). You can reserve a wheelchair prior to your visit by calling 0900-1857. A cash deposit of €50 is required. Wheelchairs are also disinfected before being handed out. More info for disabled visitors >


All toilets are open except at Toko Tjitjak. In the toilet units, intermediate toilets are closed to provide sufficient space. We also clean the toilets more often. In the toilet units of the at Biotopia you will find the changing rooms.


Have your picture taken in front of the green screen in the photo booth of ZOOfoto next to the bison & prairie dogs. This way you can have your picture taken with Bokito and family or with the lions. A nice memory of your day in Blijdorp.


Outdoor playground Oewanja Lodge is open to children from 5 to 12 years old. To ensure sufficient distance adults are not allowed in the playground. Indoor playground Biotopia (for kids from 4 to abt. 10 years old) is also open again.

Is it allowed to bring a bicycle?

No, moving/rolling means of transportation (such as skates, bicycles, steps, skateboard, etc.) with the exception of approved medical devices and strollers to use.


To avoid group formation and crowding, there are currently no feeding presentations, tours, and Free Flight Performances. Also, no children’s parties or school tours are possible during the test day.

Jungle Express (Blijdorp train)

The Jungle Express is not in use.

Smoking areas

The smoking areas are closed for safety reasons. Keeping a sufficient distance is not possible here. We ask you to smoke as little as possible in the Zoo and if you do smoke, to use the so-called ‘cigarette butts’


Of course all national measures as announced by the RIVM apply:

  • Do you have a fragile health condition or are you suffering from cold symptoms, such as a rhinitis, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or fever? Postpone your visits and stay home. This also applies to the people you want to visit Blijdorp with.
  • Use paper tissues to blow your nose and throw them away afterwards.
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow.
  • Do not shake hands and wash your hands regularly.
  • Keep 1.5 meters (1 gorilla) away from others.
  • Wearing a mouth mask in indoor areas is no longer mandatory unless the 1.5 metre distance is respected.

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