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white headed vulture
Animal news
May 8, 2021


Behind the scenes, a white-headed vulture is now growing up with its own parents. Animal keeper Marieke made this video, in which the parents feed the chick. The chick was born in the incubator and then put back. Incubating the chick has never been successful for this species and the incubator is the safest way. The birth of this chick is a first for Rotterdam Zoo.

In the meantime, the little white-backed animal is growing rapidly with its foster parents, a pair of Rüppell vultures. Follow them live via the webcam. This young was our first vulture first this year.


Unfortunately, vultures around the world are becoming increasingly endangered. The African white-headed vulture is seriously threatened by poisoning and the drug industry, among other things.

Vultures are scavengers, the cleaners of nature. Because populations that suffer from predators such as lions lay down poisoned carcasses, vultures also die en masse as a result. Poachers also poison carcasses. Vultures circle above the poached animal making it easy for rangers to find the poachers. In addition, vultures are captured and killed for the use of body parts in traditional medicine. The African white-headed vultures live in protected areas, but have nevertheless declined in number by 96% (!) in 45 years.