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newborn asian elephant
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May 5, 2021


Elephant Radjik and his family are daily in the outdoor area between 10:00 and 15:00. From 15:00, they stay inside Taman Indah. Follow them via the webcams.



The little Asian elephanth has a name! The zookeepers chose the name Radjik from over 10,000 entries in the naming contest organized by Blijdorp zoo. It is a place on the Indonesian island of Bangka. A beautiful connection to mother Bangka and at the same time a cool nickname.

Last night at 00:03, an Asian elephant was born, on Liberation Day. Mother and son are doing well. It is the fifteenth healthy elephant born in Rotterdam. For the twenty-year-old mother Bangka this is her third young. Fortunately, the delivery went well; within a few minutes after birth, the cub was on its feet and quickly went looking for the nipple. In the meantime it has been drinking. It is a male. An elephant baby weighs about 80 kilograms on average at birth. The gestation period for an elephant is about 22 to 24 months. So all in all, it took a while….

Born in the group

The baby gave birth in the group, in accordance with the natural situation. Bangka was supported during delivery by her mother Irma, who has several children and is now a grandmother again. Daughter Faya also finds her new brother very interesting. The three of them stand protectively around it. Where the little one goes, they go too…. The Blijdorp family has a close social structure. There are now seven elephants in Blijdorp: the adult male Fahim, the Irma family line with Irma, Faya and Bangka with her newborn baby. Separate from the family are Trong Nhi and Nhi Linh. Father Timber moved to Wildlands in Emmen last year. A bull does not interfere with parenting. A male elephant (bull) lives separated from the family both in zoos and in the wild and only seeks out females during mating season.


The little elephant will remain in the indoor enclosure for a while because of the cold nights. The zoo is still closed due to corona measures. Nevertheless, the little one can be followed daily via the webcams on this site and in the Blijdorp-app. Already 3.7 million unique visitors took a look via the webcams in the past five weeks. On social media we give regular updates on the latest developments and everyone can share their experiences. Also watch the FantVlogs in which the keepers share their experiences.