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Animal news
November 9, 2020

black rhino born

UPDATE 18 Nov. 2020:

On November 18th 2020 the black rhinoceros that was born last week in Rotterdam Zoo went outside for the first time. In the coming period the little rhino will only be outside once in a while. There is no fixed time and it is weather dependent. The time will become longer when the rhinos are more accustomed, in combination with mild weather. When he is not outside, you can follow him in the nursery via the webcams on this website or via the Blijdorp app.

November, 9th 2020:

Last night, November 8th at 10.25 pm, a very endangered black rhino was born in Rotterdam Zoo, after a gestation period of 450 days. The delivery went well. The calf, a male, stood within twenty minutes and has already drunk. It is the third time a black rhino was born in Rotterdam Zoo and in a Dutch zoo. A unique event and the third first for Blijdorp. Via the webcams many fans followed the birth from their homes. The webcam-streams have been watched about 400.000 times yesterday. Extra special is that the calf was born on the birthday of his father Vungu.