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October 14, 2020

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Rotterdam Zoo (Blijdorp) can be visited daily by everyone. To ensure that you can enjoy the animals safely and carefree in a natural environment, we have taken several measures. For example, you will only be admitted upon presentation of a time slot reservation and a valid entrance ticket (subscription or e-ticket). Read below what your visit to our zoo will look like.

Last modified on October 14, 2020


You can only visit Rotterdam Zoo with a timeslot reservation and a valid admission ticket or subscription pass. This is only possible via our website, not by telephone or e-mail. English ticket information will be available shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

PLEASE NOTE: it is only possible to buy a valid ticket online. This is not possible at Rotterdam Zoo.

Tickets and timeslot reservations

Be prepared for your visit and go through the house rules and answers to these most frequently asked questions before you start your visit. When you enter, you will receive a free map with the house rules and the adapted route. Download the map here in English, in French and Polish (pdf). Please pay attention to the marked signposting. The free Blijdorp app also contains the adapted route and walking directions.


It is compulsory to wear a face mask in our indoor locations such as the Oceanium, Amazonica, etc. This advice also applies to toilets. Our employees also wear mouth masks in places where the 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed. Washable mouthguards are also for sale in the Zoo.

Opening hours and admission

Rotterdam Zoo is open daily from 09:00 – 17:00. You can stay in the zoo from the reserved entrance time to closing time. Below you can see from which entrance you can enter the zoo.

Entrance Oceanium side

  • Entrance for subscription holders and introduces on presentation of a valid subscription card and a time slot reservation.
  • Cash register fot season pass holders opened on presentation of a time slot reservation for administrative actions such as purchasing, renewing or changing a subscription or creating a card.
  • Access for day visitors and groups consisting of a combination of both season pass holders and day visitors with an e-ticket.
  • Cash register for operations discount card (Rotterdampas, Ooievaars pas, Dordt Pass) or discount voucher
  • Exit for everyone.

Entrance Rivièrahal side

  • Extra entrance for subscription holders upon presentation of a valid subscription card and a time slot reservation.
  • Exit for everyone.


Pin only

Make sure to bring your debitcard as you can only pay with pin (no cash).


Because all visitors reserve a time slot, we can properly regulate the visitor flow. There is enough space in the Diergaarde and the car park to keep a distance. We request that you arrive on time. Are you much too early? Then wait in your car. Click here to read more about accessibility and parking options.


The regular cash registers are closed. In the entire zoo you can only pay with pin. You can only reserve a time slot online before the visit for the subscription box on the Oceanium side for necessary administrative actions such as:

  • Purchasing, renewing or changing a subscription
  • Creating a subscription card
  • Validate a discount coupon
  • Scan your discount cards (such as: Rotterdampas, Dordtpas, Ooievaarspas)


The main route is a two-way street (white arrows), all sub-routes are a one-way street (yellow footprints). Walking back is not allowed here. This is indicated by signs, arrows and on the map. The free Blijdorp app has been updated with the most current information, routes and walking directions. The adapted floor plan will also be made available at the entrance. Download the map here in English, in French and Polish (pdf).

Restaurants and terraces

Our catering establishments are open to a limited extent. It is only possible to take out food and drinks. There are also a number of outdoor points. If possible, let one person take the order and pay with pin (no cash). If necessary, follow the instructions at the location. Terraces are closed. In the Blijdorp app you can see what restaurants are open on the day of your visit.


Take a look at our temporary webshop. The souvenirshop in our zoo is open too.

Strollers / wheelchairs / locker rental

Strollers can be borrowed free of charge and lockers are available for a €2 coin. You can reserve a wheelchair prior to your visit via +31 10 443 14 95 (option 5). A cash deposit of €50,- is required. Of course we disinfect everything before and after use.

Toilets and changing rooms

The toilets are open in restaurant the Lepelaar, in the Haaienzaal, Amazonica, restaurant Oewanja Lodge and at the indoor playground Biotopia. Intermediate toilets are closed in the toilet units to provide sufficient space. We also clean the toilet more often. In the toilet units of the indoor playground you will find the changing rooms.

ZOO photo

Have a photo taken in front of the green screen in the photo hut of ZOO Foto, next to the bison & prairie dogs. This way you can take a photo with Bokito and family or with the lions. A nice reminder of your day at Blijdorp.


Outdoor playground Oewanja Lodge is open for children from 5 to 12 years old. To ensure sufficient distance, adults are not allowed.

The Biotopia indoor playground is currently closed.

Animal enclosures

Almost all animals can be seen (sometimes a little further away than you are used to). Covered enclosures such as the Oceanium, Amazonica and Crocodile River are open. However, some enclosures have been closed in the interest of the amended guidelines, these being Taman Indah, the Maki enclosure, the fly cage in Asia, the enclosure of the gorillas and the enclosure of the geladas.


To avoid group formation and crowds, there are currently no feed presentations, guided tours, educational lessons and bird shows.

Jungle Express (shuttle service)

The Jungle Express is temporarily not in use.


The smoking areas are closed for safety reasons. It is not possible to maintain sufficient distance here. We ask you to smoke as little as possible in the Diergaarde and if you have smoked, make use of ashtrays that are spread throughout the park.


Naturally, we apply all national measures as advised by the RIVM. If you have any questions about the safety guidelines, please ask our staff (while keeping a suitable distance).

  • Do you have vulnerable health or do you suffer from a cold, such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough or increase? Postpone your visit and stay at home. This also applies to the people with whom you want to visit Blijdorp.
  • Use tissue paper to blow your nose and then throw it away.
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow.
  • Do not shake hands and wash your hands regularly.
  • Keep 1.5 meters (1 gorilla) away from others.
  • Wear a face mask in indoor locations.

COVID-19 protocol

Can I still travel safely to Blijdorp?
We can answer briefly and forcefully: Yes. Rotterdam Zoo has taken various precautions. We allow a limited number of visitors per day, who only have access upon presentation of a valid admission ticket and a time slot reservation. This way we spread out visitors upon entry.

In order to deal with the increasing covid19 threat, we have reduced the number of people we admit and physically expanded our entrance with an extra opening.

We point out in various ways the 1.5 metre rule and the other precautionary measures that limit the risk of the Covid-19 virus spreading. For example, there are signs and stewards walking around. Our employees wear mouth caps in places where the 1.5 metre rule cannot be guaranteed, such as at certain catering and indoor locations. Our findings are evaluated on a daily basis and, where necessary, sharpened. We share and discuss our findings with the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Safety Region.

It goes without saying that our visitors also have a responsibility to really adhere to the national 1.5 metres and to follow our instructions on signs and those of our stewards. However, just as in the rest of the country, crowds must be avoided. Blijdorp is a green oasis of 28 hectares in which that is possible.

The additional rules for visitors can be found in the folder with house rules & route or in this Q&A. Diergaarde Blijdorp expects its visitors to adhere to the nationally applicable advice. When making a timeslot reservation you will also be asked if you have health problems. When in doubt, stay at home!

Face mask

It is compulsory to wear a face mask in our indoor locations such as the Oceanium, Amazonica, etc. This advice also applies to toilets. Our employees also wear mouth masks in places where the 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed. Washable mouthguards are also for sale in the Zoo.

First aid

First aid is located at the map check on the Oceanium side and at the Oewanja Lodge. In case of acute problems you can contact +31 10 4431481 or ask an employee for assistance.

Number of visitors

Blijdorp has adjusted its normal visitor capacity. The number of visitors can change per stay or building. Also in our zoo you have to avoid crowds. We make this possible, but we need your cooperation. Our stewards are present at the zoo to remind you of this and to regulate the flow of visitors. Follow the applicable RIVM guidelines and always follow the instructions of our staff. If it is busy somewhere, keep walking and come back at a later time.

Employee guidelines

Employees of Rotterdam Zoo adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM. Employees who take care of animals and visitors, transport food and technical matters are working in teams. A corona protocol has been drawn up for them. At the various contact points we protect our employees by means of a plexiglass wall. Employees at the indoor locations also wear a mouth shield.