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May 14, 2020

Rotterdam Zoo reopening


Rotterdam Zoo will reopen in phases. On 20 May, our zoo will reopen in a controlled manner for season pass holders. Day visits with entrance tickets or discount tickets are probably possible again from 2 June.


  • Safe together: Enjoy a beautiful and relaxing day in Rotterdam Zoo. We have taken a number of measures to make this possible and to guarantee safety:
    – One and a half metres distance (Stay 1.5 metres (2 arms lengths) away from other people);
    – Sufficient and clear information;
    – Extra hygiene measures.
  • Reservation required: Prior to your visit to the Diergaarde, a time slot is required.
  • Follow the instructions of RIVM (Dutch national instute for public health) >
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On March 31th the Dutch government announced new and stricter measures to combat the spreading of the coronavirus. Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp) will, in light of these new measures, remain closed to all visitors for unspecified duration.

The signal that the Dutch government has given is that the normal continuation of public life needs to take a backseat to combating the growing healthcare crisis we are facing. Rotterdam Zoo takes its social responsibility very seriously.

We foresee that many people will be looking for a way to spend their free time as a family, now that children will no longer be in school. Together with the closure of many recreational options, this could have generated a larger than normal influx of visitors, limiting our ability to respect the social distancing guidelines we have been adhering to. Hence we were forced to close the zoo entirely, for all visitors, whether they are members or not.

A zoo can however never close completely. Erik Zevenbergen, CEO of Rotterdam Zoo: “The unique animals and plants, which can unfortunately not being admired by our visitors these days, still need our continued care. We will keep on working, with reduced team sizes and in shifts, as our preventive measures to avoid corona contamination and spread are still in place. Many colleagues are asked to work from home, whenever possible. We will update all fans of nature and of our zoo via social media about how the animals and plants are doing.”

Rotterdam Zoo wil continue to follow the situation surrounding the coronavirus and respect the guidelines of the Dutch government and health authorities, such as RIVM. We believe the chances of a potential reopening in the upcoming three weeks are very low. For the most recent information, please visit our website.