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Animal news
March 23, 2020

Watch the Rüppells vultures

Peek via webcams at the two couples of Rüppells vultures. They are busy brooding in their nest box at the African Vulture Rock. In the background of one of the webcams you will soon see the marabou building a nest. They can go outside when nighttime temperatures rise again.

There are several vulture species on the nest. At this moment two flocks of hooded vultures and a couple of white-headed vultures are also breeding. Earlier, an egg from the Rüppells vultures hatched in the incubator. This young is now being raised by foster parents, a couple of white-backed vultures (!). In this video you can see the start of the Rüppellsgieren chick 😉

Did you know that the European Studbook for Rüppelsvieren is coordinated in Rotterdam Zoo?



video: the egg