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Animal news
January 28, 2020

GIRAFFE BORN AND we call her ...

Hooray, it’s a girl! She is about 170 centimeters long and about 50 kilos in weight! You guessed it, today a giraffe was born in the early morning! Her name is Maartje and she has already been drinking with mother Anne. The father is Banio. The little one can be admired. Together with her mother, she will spend the first month separately in the indoor residence. This is to prevent the mother from becoming pregnant again. A few times in her life, every giraffe woman is given the opportunity to give birth and to raise a boy. She will receive contraception in the intervening period.

Animal caretaker Ben made images after birth. When will you visit a maternity visit?

There are European breeding programs (EEP) for all types of giraffes. The netgiraffe is classified as a separate species that is listed as “endangered” on the red list (of the IUCN) of endangered species. Almost 2/3 of the population has disappeared in the last 20 years. There are approximately 8000 net giraffes left in the wild. The Blijdorp herd now has eight giraffes. Animal caretaker Ben made these images after birth.