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Animal news
November 26, 2019

Second rare okapi born

The zookeepers were surprised this week when they entered the enclosure of heavily pregnant okapi M’buti. The rare forest giraffe was already about to give birth! According to the observed coverage, it was only calculated in December. So there have been earlier (hidden) matings. The birth went well and mother and young are doing well. It is a female for whom the caretakers will come up with a beautiful name. Zookeeper Kim took the first photos.

Another young was born in September to Kamina, M’buti’s mother. This young, named Kisala, has already exchanged the safe maternity stable for the inner garden and can be seen there regularly.

The newest young will remain behind the scenes for the time being, but can be admired via the webcams. In the okapi residence there is also a screen where you can “peep” at the little one in the maternity stable. Newborn okapis are “nesters”. The mother leaves them in a safe place and only returns to care. The youngsters spend the days sleeping and drinking.

webcams maternity stable