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marabou stork chick
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June 13, 2019

Marabou stork chicks

UPDATE JUNE 13, 2019: Marabou stork chicks hatched from the eggs in the Vulture Aviary. Have you seen them yet?

April 19, 2019:
The marabou storks in the Vulture Aviary are feeling the “spring fever”. They are busy nesting. Four couples walk and fly with straws and twigs. They take it to their nests in the trees. Zookeeper Marieke was able to capture this scene. Our marabou storks have been adapting to the Dutch climate for several years and that is quite special! Normally, marabou breed in the winter in northern zoos, just like in Africa. Only it cold then here and the animals are still in their inner enclosures. This week the marabou went outside and then the spring jitters started immediately. In two weeks we will know if this has led to fruitful results …