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giant water lily Victoria cruziana bloo,s
Animal news
June 4, 2019

giant water lily blooms

The giant water lily Victoria cruziana is already in bloom in the monumental Victoria greenhouse ! The plant is originally from the Amazon and is also called the “Queen of Water Lilies”. The huge, circular leaves are also striking. Throughout the summer, the lilies will create leaves and buds that you can admire. Another giant water lily has been planted in another location in the zoo, the butterfly paradise Amazonica. It will flower later this spring.

The flowers bloom for two nights. The first evening the flowers are cream white and spread a pineapple-like fragrance. Beetles are attracted to this. They take care of the pollination by spreading the pollen. At daybreak the flower closes to open again the following evening. Then the flower is pinkish red in color. By the morning the flower sinks under water and new buds and leaves are created.

The giant floating leaves have a bearing capacity of around 15 kilos! Some leaves can reach a diameter of more than two and a half meters. If everything goes well, it might be possible to photograph babies on the giant leaves after the summer holidays. This has since become a well-known tradition in the zoo. Small children were photographed on the leaves as early as the nineteenth century. Keep an eye on our newsletter and social media.