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newborn giraffe khaleesi
Animal news
May 1, 2019

newborn giraffe plays outside

The newborn giraffe Khaleesi (March 24th) was allowed to go outside for the first time today. The last few weeks she stayed in giraffe building “the onion” together with mother Kimberley. Once outside her family came to meet the youngster. The little one soon was cantering across the Savannah. The kudu with which the giraffes share the area also came to take a curious look at the new inhabitant.

The reticulated giraffes are considered as a separate species that is listed as “endangered” on the red list of endangered species. Almost two thirds of the population has disappeared in the last 20 years. There are approximately 8000 net giraffes left in the wild. The net giraffes in Blijdorp are part of the European breeding program.