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ring-tailed lemur and young
Animal news
March 20, 2019

Pleasant suprise

A young is born in the new exhibit of the ring-tailed lemurs. Quite a surprise because the group currently only consists of females. The mating took place just before they moved from Apenheul Zoo. The father is Reggie and the mother Kely.

She is an experienced mother. All three of her daughters: Ketaka, Kira and Kendi have moved to Rotterdam. The sex of the young is still unknown. The little one is very smart and travels on mother’s back. Zookeeper Stefan made a video of the young. This week the little one was allowed to go outside for the first time: an experience.

The ring-tailed lemurs live in the dry, tropical forests of the south and southwest on the island of Madagascar. Due to their limited area, they are unique but also very vulnerable. In Madagascar, lemurs are threatened by rapid population growth on the island. European zoos have established a breeding program for this half-arm species. The lemur residence has been made financially possible by the Friends of Blijdorp Association.