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August 11, 2016

Malayan tapir born

Update: the zookeepers called the newborn tapir Penang (named after an island in Malaysia)

watch little tapir Penang live via the webcams

A Malayan tapir was born in Rotterdam Zoo on the night of 4th August. It is now 18 years since the last tapir was born in the zoo. The last tapirs we had were not a good pair and they produced no young. In the wild, Malayan tapirs are solitary so that do not easily get along together. However, our current tapirs, Pooh and Vazan , make an ideal couple, they were attracted to each other from their first meeting in May 2015 and the result is this beautiful baby.

Come to see him live in the zoo from 10am to 15pm or watch him with his parents via our webcams. He follows mum, Pooh, around and copies what she does, when she feeds he plays around with the branches and leaves. All this activity can be tiring for a young tapir and he can also be seen regularly napping in the straw.

Our young tapir has a striped coat, this would serve as camouflage in the wild. Around two months of age the typical white saddle starts appearing through the stripes and by five months the stripes will have disappeared.

Deforestation in their natural range has made the Malayan tapir an endangered species, this is why the tapirs in Rotterdam Zoo are part of the European breeding programme (EEP).