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August 20, 2015

Asian elephant born in Rotterdam Zoo

A baby elephant was born in Rotterdam Zoo on the 20th August, 2015 and it’s a boy! His name is Sunay.  The little bull is doing well; he is playing regularly outside, he is suckling well and sleeps a lot. Grandmother, Irma, and mother, Bangka, rarely leave his side. His sister Faya and cousin Nhi Linh both find him very interesting and his big sister is already trying to protect him.

This is the sixteenth baby elephant born in Rotterdam Zoo. He is the second baby of fourteen year old Bangka. The birth went very smoothly, with the baby standing within a few minutes of delivery and suckling for the first time about an hour and a half later. Newborn elephant calves weigh about 80kg.

The baby was born in the group as would happen in the wild. Our herd comprises adult male Timber, adult females Irma, Bangka and Trong Nhi, the juveniles Faya and Nhi Linh and the new born calf. During the birth, Bangka, was supported by her mother, Irma, who has given birth several times herself and is now a grandmother. Our elephant group has a tightly knit social unit and we expect that this calf will grow up in this social group. Father, Timber, will not play a role in rearing his son. As with bull elephants in the wild, Timber lives apart from the rest of the herd, only meeting with the females during the mating season.

Unique video of the birth and first steps

You can see here a unique video of the birth taken from the keepers’ webcams as well as the first adventures of the little bull and his family in their outdoor enclosure. If the weather is good, you will usually be able to see him playing outdoors between 10.00 – 15.00. After that time, the family can be admired in their indoor enclosure Taman Indah